EconoFact ScreenshotPublished by the Murrow Center at The Fletcher School, Econofact is a non‐partisan digital media project designed to bring incisive economic analysis to journalists, policymakers, and the general public. While the national debate is filled with a growing use of pseudo‐facts and misinformation, EconoFact aims to shift the economic debate from ill-informed slogans to evidence‐based analysis of economic policy.

EconoFact is written by a network of leading academic economists from across the country. To date, 36 economists participate in the EconoFact network.

Launched on January 22, 2017, EconoFact has received positive attention from mainstream and social media. EconoFact’s audience includes researchers, academics, government, media, corporations, foundations and international organizations.

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Fast Facts

  • Non‐partisan publication
  • 35+ top economists
  • 50,000 views in 1 week
  • 50% repeat visitors
  • Over 3,000 subscribers/followers in 3 weeks
  • Strong reach across red and blue states
  • Economic analysis on a wide range of topics
    • Education
    • Immigration
    • Trade
    • Jobs
    • Climate
    • Poverty
    • Criminal Justice

Next Steps

Over the next year, we seek to develop and build out the design, functionality, and audience reach of EconoFact, including:

  • Newsletter
  • Website development–Phase 2
  • Audience engagement
  • Network expansion
  • Sustainability
  • Scalability