Mission Values And History

Our Mission

The Edward R. Murrow Center for Global Diplomacy, located at The Fletcher School, stands as a globally recognized epicenter for the study of diplomacy and the cultivation of future diplomatic leaders. Evolving from its initial emphasis on public diplomacy, the center now encompasses the entire spectrum of global diplomacy, including public diplomacy, small state diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, and diplomatic history.

Our History

Established in 1965 and inaugurated by Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, The Murrow Center honors the legacy of Edward R. Murrow, renowned for his exceptional journalism, insightful world news analysis, and groundbreaking leadership of the United States Information Agency.

Originally known as the “Edward R. Murrow Center of Public Diplomacy,” the Center’s name acknowledged Murrow’s substantial contributions to the field of communications and its special connection to Fletcher, where the term “public diplomacy” was first coined in 1965 by then Dean Edmund A. Gullion.

At the heart of The Murrow Center lies the Murrow Collection, an extensive repository housing over 2,000 documents from Edward R. Murrow’s personal library and papers. These invaluable archives are located in the Murrow Memorial Room at The Fletcher School and the Tufts University Archives, complemented by an impressive assortment of audio and video recordings from Murrow’s illustrious years at CBS News. This collection stands as a symbol of Murrow’s unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity, bravery, and honesty.

During his tenure as Dean, Admiral James G. Stavridis recognized an opportunity to better reflect the center’s mission, which extends beyond traditional diplomacy. The center’s scope broadened to encompass various aspects of international relations, including the influential roles of the news and entertainment media, multinational corporations, and non-governmental organizations. The focus shifted to analyzing the dynamic exchange of digital information across borders and its far-reaching implications on diplomacy, news media, and global order. As such, the Murrow Center was renamed to the “Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World,” which embarked on a mission to impart practical communication skills to students, offering classes, workshops, and mentorship in multimedia skills like opinion writing, video production, podcasting, and user-friendly web design.

Since then, The Murrow Center has continued to evolve and become a globally renowned hub for the study of diplomacy and the training of future diplomats. Its original emphasis on public diplomacy expanded to encompass a spectrum of global diplomacy aspects, including public diplomacy, small state diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, and diplomatic history.

Hence, in 2023, we proudly adopted our new name, “The Edward R. Murrow Center of Global Diplomacy.” The Murrow Center remains an integral part of Fletcher’s mission to educate and equip the next generation of leaders across all sectors.