2019 Conference on New Media and Democracy: Panel 2

Balkanization of the Internet:
The Growing Popularity of the Chinese Firewall

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An increasing number of countries across the world are beginning to subscribe to the idea that cyberspace can be ‘walled’ off to create distinct ‘national’ internets, that interact with each other only tangentially. This model has been perfected in China, which now seeks to export restrictive
technology and techniques to other countries. How effective is the Chinese ‘Great Firewall’ and does it provide a viable model for other countries? What will be the effect of the balkanization of the internet on the ideals of an open and free web? What are the implications for countries with increasing authoritarian regimes?


Andrew Walworth
Chief Content Officer, RealClearPolitics


Ryan Gallagher
Senior Reporter, Bloomberg
Amelia Andersdotter
Former MEP; Technical Consultant, ARTICLE19
Josephine Wolff
Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity Policy, The Fletcher School

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