Relevant Coursework

DHP D200: Diplomacy: History, Theory and Practice
DHP D204: United States Public Diplomacy
DHP D210: The Art and Science of Statecraft
DHP D211: Politics of Statecraft
DHP D216m: Social Networks in Organizations
DHP D217m: Social Networks in Organizations – Part Two
DHP D218: Influencing Policy and the Global Debate: Writing Analysis and Opinion
DHP P23m: Adaptive Leadership and Managerial Communication.
DHP P205: National Security Decision Making: Theory and Practice
DHP P207: GIS for International Applications
DHP P216: Research and Writing in the Global Political Economy
DHP P218m: Survey Design in Comparative Political Economy
DHP P231: International Communication
DHP P232: Communications Policy Analysis and Modeling
DHP P234: The Arts of Communication
DHP P244: Modern Terrorism and Counterterrorism
DHP P245: Crisis Management and Complex Emergencies

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Students also engage with the rich academic community in the greater Boston area. This includes resources at Tufts University’s Film & Media Studies Department, The Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, and The MIT Media Lab.