Faculty publications

Fletcher faculty regularly contribute to the international discourse on media, cyber, and public diplomacy. A sampling of their scholarship is included here.


Dean James Stavridis:

  • “Time for a U.S. Cyber Force,” Proceedings Magazine, January 2014 Vol. 140/1/1,331, with David Weinstein
  • “The Accidental Admiral,” Annapolis: U.S. Naval Institute Press, 1 October 2014
  • “What is a Cyber Attack?” Signal Magazine: Op-Ed, 1 January 2015
  • “Why the Nation Needs a U.S. Cyber Force,” The Boston Globe: Op-Ed, 29 September 2013

Professor Bhaskar Chakravorti

Professor Ming Chow

Professor Carolyn Gideon

  • “Technology Policy by Default: Shaping Communications Technology Through Regulatory Policy.” In Shaping Science and Technology Policy: The Next Generation of Research, eds. David Guston and Daniel Sarewitz, University of Wisconsin Press, 2006.
  • “Retail Prices and Facility-Based Entry into the Telecommunications Market,” International Industrial Organization Conference (2005), Advanced Workshop in Regulation and Competition, 24th Annual Eastern Conference, Center for Research in Regulated Industries (2005), Telecommunications Policy Research Conference (TPRC) (2005), and Amercan Economic Association Meeting (2006);
  • “The Potential for Competition in Network Communications Industries,” Advanced Workshop in Regulation and Competition, 23rd Annual Eastern Conference, Center for Research in Regulated Industries (2004) and International Telecommunications Society, 15th Biennial Conference (2004);

Professor Antonia Chayes

  • Borderless Wars: Civil Military Disorder and Legal Uncertainty

Professor William C. Martel

  • Principal investigator in joint Fletcher School-MIT Lincoln Laboratory studies that formulated cyber codes of conduct and outer space rules of engagement

Professor Joel Trachtman

  • The Future of International Law: Global Government
  • Cyberspace, Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Modernism, 5 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 561 (1998) (commissioned paper for symposium).
  • International Economic Law in the Cyber Arena, in Peacetime Regime for State Activities in Cyberspace (Katharina Ziolkowski, ed. NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence 2014).

Professor Daniel Drezner

  • “The Global Governance of the Internet: Bringing the State Back In.” Political Science Quarterly 119, no. 3 (2004): 477-498.
  • Daniel Drezner with Henry Farrell. “Web of Influence.” Foreign Policy 145, (2004): 32-40.