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The Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World focuses its research attention on three key areas: international media, public diplomacy and the political and cultural impact of developments in the fast changing digital sphere of cyberspace.

The center regularly draws upon a deep alumni network in government, media and business to lend their expertise and advise on how best we might serve international understanding and government policy. The adjustment of public diplomacy to a networked world remains a core concern for faculty and visiting U.S. State Department Fellows every year. Leading journalists, filmmakers and cyber experts, meanwhile, meet regularly with students and faculty.

The capstone theses by students in most of the master’s programs are themselves substantial works of research, some on the cutting edge. The Murrow Center sponsored the student Cyber Working Group, which meets fortnightly in the Murrow Room to peer critique each other’s work and to share views with invited outside experts in an intimate, collegial setting. The center also began to experiment with helping students across all research areas to add multimedia elements, either to their theses or as a means to promote their findings to a broader public. The center will expand on this effort in the school year beginning in September 2016.

The Murrow Center also hopes soon to announce scholarships to directly aid a defined number of second year students whose capstones fall under one of its three study areas of cyber, media or public diplomacy.