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Food for Thought: Museums & Historic Sites

We’ll call this an occasional series, which means when we have content, we’ll run it. The basic idea is to present a quick idea and get you thinking.

If any of our suggestions catch your eye, and you’d like to write a response post, we’d love to publish it. Leave a comment and we’ll be in touch.


Today’s food for thought is an overheard comment at a recent professional meeting:

“I always thought I’d be at an historic site, but I’ve ended up working in museums instead.”

Do you think of historic sites as separate from museums? Should you? What are the benefits of parsing out the different types of historic organizations in this way? What are the drawbacks?


  1. While working for ‘PASSAGE” the Asian Civilisations Museum’s publication in Singapore,I was asked by the editor to submit an article for the”My favourite Museum’ slot. I then asked if I could instead write about the Ajanta and Ellora caves in India.She agreed immediately and said that I could go ahead as any place which was a heritage site was a museum in operation. I did so and the piece became praiseworthy and was accepted readily by readers and the literati alike.

  2. I left a comment. But for some reason I can’t see it published here. Wonder why.

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