The theme for Week 4 of My Home is a Museum project is “Secrets from Childhood”. This topic is in line with some of the controversial thoughts of our modern world, specifically those concerning the origin of Covid 19. Some theories assert it as a biological weapon, others refer to it as a result of political collisions there are also people believing that it is a sign of an alien invasion. As the society is still debating over the genuine emerge of this virus, we can look at this situation from a different perspective. Namely, let’s use the aspect of mystery as a point of departure to think about our childhood secrets. As always we will need to find an object/s in our living environments which can tell the unveil those secrets. This prompt was kindly offered by Olga Seleznyova who responded to the theme of Week 3. 

How to respond?

  • Choose an object what fits the theme
  • Take 1-3 pictures of the object
  • How does the object exemplify what matters to you?
  • What experience in your life made this object matter to you?

Please include the answers to the following information when submitting your entry:

  • What it your name?
  • Where do you live?
  • What do you do?

P.S. Please note that by submitting your response for this project you give permission to share it later on the blog.