June 2017

The Nair lab is moving to a new research space! (Jun 19 – 23)
We are moving from our current location in SciTech to the newly constructed Science and Engineering Complex (SEC). The move will not only double our research space but will also enable more seamless collaborations with members from the Departments of Biology and Biomedical Engineering.

Pictures from the move:


The Nair lab goes to Boston Bacterial Meeting! (Jun 15 – 16)
As always, there was a great set of talks and posters at the 23rd annual BBM! Todd presented a poster on his recent B&B publication! See pictures below:

Bonus: pictured with Todd here is Prof. Katie Berry (Mt. Holyoke College), a former colleague of Prof. Nair from the Hochschild lab.


The Nair lab visits Medford High School for the 3rd year in a row! (Jun 12 – 14)
As part of our goals to increase the visibility of engineering and synthetic biology, we (Bruno, Todd, Zac, Prof. Nair) visited Ms. Audrey Feitor Carmosino‘s Honors Biology class at MHS. We engaged the students using a CSI-type forensic investigation, over three 1-hour classes. We think we made a real difference.

We’d also like to thank Karen O’Hagan (Tufts Chemistry Outreach Specialist) for her immense help!

For more information on the modules, visit the Outreach page.

Pictures from the visit (thanks, Karen O’Hagan, for capturing these moments!):






















REU students arrive!
The lab welcomes REU students Emily Chicklis (Simmons College) and Karlos Zachary (U of Minnesota, Duluth) to the lab! Emily will work on a project in collaboration with Prof. Soha Hassoun and Karlos in collaboration with Prof. Xiaocheng Jiang.

Cassidy Hubert graduates with BS in ChBE!
Cassidy leaves the lab after almost 2 years. We wish her the best in her future career!

Joe’s review article accepted for publication in Current Opinion in Microbiology!
The review article Joe wrote with Matt Waller from the Chase Beisel lab at NC State is accepted for publication in Current Opinion in Microbiology! Congrats, Joe! (link)

Todd’s paper is accepted for publication in Biotechnology & Bioengineering!
Todd’s manuscript on engineering a consortium of E. coli to consume hexoses is accepted for publication in Biotechnology & Bioengineering! Congrats, Todd! (link)