August 2018

Venkatesh’s review on pentose metabolism in yeast is accepted for publication! (Aug 29)
Congrats! The review “Pentose metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: The need to engineer global regulatory systems” will be published later this year in Biotechnology Journal as part of their “Methods and Advances” special issue. (link)

Prof. Nair attends the SIMB Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL! (Aug 12 – 16) (tweet)
The Metabolic Engineering for Fuels and Chemicals Session 1 Prof. Nair convened with Dr. Harry Yim (Genomatica) at Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology was a huge success with excellent talks and fantastic attendance! (tweet 1, tweet 2)

Here’s a pic of a mini Zhao-lab reunion!


New manuscript on bioRxiv! (Aug 7)
A new preprint on bridging the gap between metabolic pathway synthesis and implementation is live on bioRxiv! It’s a joint project with the fantastic Hassoun group! (tweet)

Last few days of REU student Elizabeth Chavez at Tufts. (Aug 3 – 7)
Elizabeth did some fantastic work on the joint project between the Nair and Hassoun labs! Here are some pictures from the goodbye lunch and poster session to conclude the REU for the summer. Good luck with graduation at UNC and we hope to see your PhD application to Tufts! (tweet 1, tweet 2)