Graduate Students

Andrew Clark

I am interested in understanding the thermal and structural properties of a novel class of materials known as zwitterions with the intent of using them in next generation ion batteries. By investigating these fundamental characteristics, we can specially tailor the interactions to create safer and more efficient electrochemical energy devices.

Tufts University Graduate alumni:

Nelaka Govinna (Ph. D. – 2019)

David Thomas (Ph. D. – 2017)

Yazhe Zhu (Ph. D. – 2016)

Bin Mao (Ph. D. – 2014)

Qian Ma(Ph. D. – 2012)

Wenwen Huang (Ph. D. – 2012)

Lei Yu (Ph. D. – 2010)

Huipeng Chen (Ph. D. – 2010)

Seyhan Ince Gunduz (Ph. D. – 2009)

Xiao Hu (Ph. D. – 2009)

Hui Xu (Ph. D. – 2005)

Georgi Georgiev (Ph. D. – 2002)

Shuanghua Patrick Dai (Ph. D. – 2000)