DHH Student Internship

Since 2003, the Cebe Research Group has offered a summer internship for deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students. The internship comprises both classroom learning and laboratory exercises, all of which are taught by Tufts University faculty. In the classroom portion, the students learn: 1. chemistry, physics, and engineering aspects of polymers and blends; 2. scientific methods and how to conduct research; 3. communication skills, including scientific writing and making group presentations. As a final project, the students will create a YouTube video detailing what they’ve learned, as well as present their work in front of the Tufts University Department of Physics and Astronomy. Professional interpreters are provided during the classroom sessions. In the laboratory portion, the students gain hands-on experience in making, characterizing, and analyzing materials. Students work in small teams and learn to operate the X-ray diffractometer, thermal calorimeter, infrared spectrometer, scanning electron microscope, and electro-spinning apparatus. The interns design experiments, collect data, and analyze their results. The goal is to provide an enriching experience that will strengthen the students’ confidence to perform in a scientific and engineering environment.

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation through the Polymers Program of the Division of Materials Research, grant DMR-1206010, and formerly through DMR-0906455, DMR-0704056,and DMR-0406127.

2018 PAT Interns learning contact angle testing. From left to right: Interns Darrel Gumbs, Erin Hoover, Fahmida Saki, Asma Sheikh, graduate student Nelaka Govinna, and interpreter Mark Riley