Next Steps (Roadmap)

See Also: Roadmap Towards Linked Data Compliance

There are a number of plans for the future development of the Perseus Catalog, these include content additions, current data enhancement, technical fixes, and social features.

Content Additions:

  • Addition of MODS records for all works found within the Open Greek and Latin collection.
  • Creation and enhancement of MADS authority records for all authors found within the catalog.
  • Addition of records for at least one version of all surviving works by Latin and Greek authors from antiquity through 600 CE.

Current Data Enhancement:

  • Conversion of current (LCNAF, VIAF and other external) links to author and editor names from HTML splash pages to linked data URIs.
  • Standardization of series information to support better browsing and searching for series.
  • Addition of more URLs for online versions of cataloged works.
  • Addition of page level links to digitized versions of books found in the Internet Archive and the HathiTrust.

Technical Fixes:

  • RDF-A enhanced HTML displays.
  • Additional data formats including RDF and JSON.
  • Better support for fragmentary authors and works.
  • Solutions for displaying and searching on related work identifiers (for example, a cataloged work by Aristarchus of Samothrace, a scholia on Homer, has two identifiers encoded in the MODS records <identifier type=”tlg”>1767.001</identifier> (its own work identifier) and <identifier type=”tlg” displayLabel=”isScholiaTo”>0012.001</identifier>-the work identifier for Homer’s Iliad).

Social Features:

  • Support creation of user accounts.
  • Support ability of registered users to submit links to online versions of works with editions already found in the catalog.
  • Submit records for authors/works not yet included in the catalog.

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