Tufts Computer Architecture Club

I am initiating this unofficial club, clubs can only be started at beginning of Fall semesters, to build a bridge between computer science and ECE department, which is where computer architects stand.  I will post about who computer architects are,  why hardware matters, and useful links to online lectures on my blog.

The following projects are practiced in our club meetings:

lab1-HLS lab2
lab2-HDL-basicRTL/verilog adding lab2-fulladder-in-verilog
lab3-profiling-callgrind/Tutorial tutorial on HW and SW security
lab4-profiling-SDSoC sdsoc lab
lab6-security-assembly tutorial on HW and SW security
lab7-Hardware-Security tutorial on HW and SW security
lab8-systemVerilog memory-systemverilog

Summer 17 Underground Computer Architecture Club Objectives:

  1. Introducing different level of hardware abstraction
  2. Introduction to FPGAs (we will use Xilinx Zynq boards for our projects)

Spring and Summer 18:

  1.  designing an out of order processor with Verilog
  2. Introduction to SystemVerilog
  3. Introduction to UVM

Interesting research projects

  1. Where should we implement accelerators?
  2. Near memory computation
  3. Implementing cognitive tasks in hardware