Officers & Committees


President: Kate Wagner V’24

President-elect: Hannah Soifer V’25

Vice President: Kate Wagner V’24

Senior Delegate: Michelle Kwon V’24

Junior Delegate: Amanda Gabryszak V’25

Senior Treasurer: Julia Philp V’25

Junior Treasurer: Thomas Wolf V’25

Secretary: Marisa LaBarca V’25


Committee Chairs

Community Service

Community service is our way to say to our neighborhood that we are not just students interested only in books and grades. We are students that want to help, be it people or animals. Miss doing something just because it feels good? Last year’s community service projects included blood drives and participation in a Habitat for Humanity Project.

Claire Armstrong V’25
Anna-Katherine Fournier V’25
Kyra Bower V’25
Alexandria Bokhart V’25

Faculty-Student Engagement

The Faculty-Student Engagement Committee will provide students with the opportunity to socialize with faculty outside of the classroom. Events like Trivia Night will allow for casual, fun interactions that will promote a sense of comfortability between students and faculty. This committee is a great way to get to know your fellow students better while also developing relationships with members of the Cummings School faculty.

Melissa Drake V’25

Danielle Dietrich V’25

          Simone Ferrantello V’25


The fundraising committee organizes the biggest SAVMA fundraiser of the year. In addition to supporting SAVMA events, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Stanley O. Travis Fund, a fund established at TCSVM to assist responsible owners who are unable to meet the full cost of unexpected, necessary veterinary care. Members of this committee will be responsible for requesting financial support from local businesses, coordinating refreshments, advertising sufficiently, preparing a program, and any other duties deemed pertinent.

Alexandra Diamond V’25
Marc Klepacki V’25
Emma Stillman V’25

Grafton Green Team

The Grafton Green Team is a group of students, staff, and faculty working together to affect change, serve as pioneers and promote sustainable behaviors at Tufts. We educate the campus community about sustainability and implement projects such as classroom and office composting, improving recycling, and managing the community garden amongst others. If you are passionate about protecting the environment, attend our monthly meetings or join our e-list to stay updated on our work in the community. For more information visit

Joshua Wen V’25

          Elsa Nader V’25

Sustainability Intern: Hailey Wiper MCM’21
Program Administrator: Shoshana Dodge

Professional Development

This committee provides Tufts veterinary students with the opportunity to explore areas of veterinary medicine not covered in the student curriculum. This is achieved through a lunchtime seminar series featuring veterinarians from various specialties within the profession. This committee also organizes the annual National Veterinary Board Review seminars to prepare third years for the National Veterinary Boards. All these events are free to SAVMA members.

Anna De la Cruz V’25
Brandon Salazer V’25
Gabriella Sulpizi V’25


The SAVMA store, located on the second floor of the Campus Center, sells all sorts of Tufts Veterinary School merchandise. The store is managed and run solely by SAVMA members and all the proceeds help fund SAVMA events. Members serving on this committee are responsible for operating the SAVMA Store on a regular basis. Members of this committee are also responsible for organizing and staffing a SAVMA store table during the holiday season, and at school special events such as Open House and Parent’s Day.

Christina Dipiero V’25
Jamie Basset V’25
Megan Gulsby V’25


The function of this committee will be to provide an opportunity for SAVMA members to interact outside the classroom in a casual atmosphere. Some of the events to be hosted by this committee include the First Year BBQ, Dog Wash and the Third Year Kick-Off Party.

Jenise Carter V’25
Cecily Freliech V’25


This committee helps prepare and organize students for the annual trip to the Student AVMA symposium for SAVMA members. The SAVMA Symposium is a national gathering of veterinary students held at a different veterinary school each year. It provides students to meet and socialize with students from other veterinary schools, as well as competing in academic and sports competitions, attending wet labs and speaker presentations. This committees duties includes an informational sessions and registration meetings. Members of this committee also organize the sign-ups for the academic and athletic competitions. Lastly, the Symposium Committee is in charge of arranging hotel and travel reservations for students attending the SAVMA symposium.

Website & Photography

The website and photography committee is the crossroads to all communications between the clubs of TCSVM. We maintain the SAVMA website where any student, member or not, can have a chance to check out what SAVMA is all about. If you have skills in website building and maintenance, this is the place for you. We also take pictures at SAVMA events and share them on the website

Cassaundra Lang V’25
Sarah Lemmerz V’25
Amruta Valiyaveetil V’25

Wellness Committee

Wellness Committee’s goal is to raise awareness of the mental, emotional, and physical problems that our profession and our students face throughout their schooling and careers.  It is dedicated to providing students with healthy ways to manage the stresses of our profession and ways to reach out when needed. It aims to provide support through monthly Wellness events and our yearly Wellness Week held each spring. They also provide much-needed caffeine in the form of coffee stations at popular study spots around campus!

Catherine Whiting V’25
Lauraine Josen V’25
Alexa Brown V’25

Faculty Advisors