Team Photos

Adventures with the Scheck Research Group

2024 GSAS Awards Ceremony

Celebrating graduate teaching and mentoring

Rebecca accepts the 2024 GSAS Faculty Teaching and Mentoring Award! I’m grateful to all of my mentors along the way, and thank you to all of my amazing students for sharing your PhD journeys with me!

New Lab Photo

Enjoying #peakfall on the beautiful Tufts campus

With some advance planning and lucky weather, we captured an awesome new group photo on a gorgeous fall day! back row: Colby, Jeremiah, Nick, Tin front row: Rebecca, Ariana, Meghan, Hannah, Ben missing: Suprama & her new baby girl!

Summer Celebration

New lab photo for Summer 2022

Check out our new lab photo! left (front to back): Tin, Colby, Meghan, Qing, Hannah, Suprama; right (front to back): Brittany, Tia, Jeremiah, Rebecca, Nick

Official Lab Photo

Enjoying Dining Together Again!

We’re glad that lab lunch (and a real lab photo) is a thing again! clockwise from left: Tin, Qing, Molly, Caitlin, Nick (in back), Meghan, Brittany (in back), and Rebecca.

Unofficial Mini-Reunion

Welcoming Summer 2021!

Celebrating new almost-normal with a Scheck lab circa mid-2020 mini reunion (no PI allowed)! Time to plan a real lab party for later this summer!
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Virtual Lab Tour!

Bringing Our Lab to You

If you like fruit wine…oops! we mean chemistry, be sure to check out our virtual lab tour inspired by Schitt’s Creek!

November 2020 in the Lab

Masked Up Meeting

Here’s the lab, waiting not-so-patiently to find out which first years will be joining our lab. spoiler: it’s Brittany, Nick, and Tin!

Team Walk in July 2020

Summer Sun Fun

Thanks to a perfectly placed hill, we were able to get a socially-distanced lab photo (how #2020). clockwise from left: Molly, Meghan, Rebecca (with Dug), Caitlin (with Eva), and Joey taking the photo.

Graduation May 2020

Spring Forward at Tufts

Congratulations, Nicole!

2018 Group Party

Strike a Pose with the Lab Mascot

Pics or it didn’t happen! top row (left to right): Rebecca, Sharon, Nile, Steven, Caitlin; bottom row: Nicole, Joey (with Eva), Abe, Maxfield, Kaitlin

Spring 2017

Sunny Smiles

Just another lab selfie on the steps of Pearson Hall. from the back: Kaitlin, Abe, Caitlin, Nicole, Rebecca, Sasha, Sharon, Ioana, Nile, and Joey

2015 Lunch in Chinatown

Adventures in Boston

We should probably take more official group photos, but in the meantime here is the lab during our 2015 outing to Boston for Nicole’s poster session at the Sackler School. Afterwards we walked over to Chinatown for some celebratory dim sum!