Capital Ideas: Research Affiliate Shrinal Sheth on Creating Value through Sustainability in Private Markets

Shrinal Sheth, SovereigNet Research Affiliate has recently co-authored a whitepaper titled “ Creating Value through Sustainability in Private Markets”.  

New whitepaper, “Creating Value through Sustainability in Private Markets,” released by the World Economic Forum offers key steps the private equity industry can use to drive change. This is after the study, which was done in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, explored how the private equity industry has a unique opportunity to be a key driver in fighting climate change. With its full ownership model and relative freedom from short-term pressures, the industry is well placed to lead the way in capturing value through sustainable transformation of their investments.

“Many private equity firms are missing out on opportunities to create real financial value through long term, sustainable investments,” says Shrinal Sheth, Lead, Investing, World Economic Forum. “Industry leaders who are interested in driving climate solutions must act quickly to ensure their firms are operating in ways that allow them to successfully create sustainable value.” 

However, key barriers like knowledge gaps, internal organization misalignments and an overfocus on divestment are still blocking the private equity industry from fully realizing its potential in driving sustainability shifts.

The full paper can be accessed:

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