Emerging Manager Forum Report: The Business of Africa-US Emerging Manager Partnerships

by Wilmot Allen

The Ai Emerging Managers Forum (AiEMF), is a unique international platform for emerging managers and investment leaders, to share industry best practice, improve governance standards and assist African and US asset owners connect with and support emerging managers through their international allocations and knowledge networks.

The AiEMF is a response to the growing demand from asset owners in Africa and the US to extend their programs and best practice, to support and engage emerging managers– especially local African emerging managers that can handle US international allocations and American emerging managers that can handle African international allocations.

The AiEMF was inspired by and builds on the work of the Ai Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Leaders Forum, which brings together Africa’s leading and largest asset owners, to engage with global asset owners and development finance partners on co-investments and institutional investment trends in Africa.

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