Institutional Investor Asset Management in Low Return / High Risk World

by Dr. Eliot Kalter

Dr. Eliot Kalter’s Presentation to the State Street Middle East client retreat, 26-27 February, 2013

Table of Contents:

I. Global Economic and Financial Environment
– Lower economic growth, larger risks and low returns on “safe”assets
– Deepening opportunities in emerging and frontier markets

II. Institutional Investors’ Broad Move to Diversify Asset Allocation
– Institutional investor AUM growing quickly
– Secular diversification to alternative assets and emerging/frontier markets

III. Drivers for Diversification in the Face of Increased Correlation
– Continuing divergent growth paths for developed and EM countries
– The Search for yield and reduced risks
– Higher absolute returns and lower risk from diversification to broad array of alternative assets, emerging/frontier markets and cash

Dr. Eliot Kalter Presentation – Institutional Investor Asset Management in Low Return-High Risk World


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