Key International Issues for Sovereign Wealth Funds

by Dr. Eliot Kalter, Thomas F. Holt

This report, a product of CEME’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Initiative (SWFI), is based on discussions with SWF senior decision makers and country authorities from the Gulf Cooperation Countries, Latin America, Singapore, and several industrial countries. From these discussions, SWFI researchers identified and analyzed key international issues from the SWF point of view.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary

– Key International Issues Identified and Briefly Summarized

– Looking Ahead

I. Santiago Principles and SWF External Relations

II. SWFs As Global Participants Face Discriminatory Restrictions

III. Mission and Global Focus: SWF Mandate and Investment Process

IV. The Global Financial System and Future Regulatory Framework

V. Growing Demand for Knowledge and Expertise

VI. The Role of the Sovereign Wealth Fund Initiative

Key International Issues for Sovereign Wealth Funds


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