Listen: Research Affiliate Marion Laboure on Digital Currencies and How Central Banks are Keeping Up

SovereigNet Research Affiliate Marion Laboure joined fellow Deutsche Bank colleagues Luke Templeman and Katharina Paust-Bokrezion on the Deutsche Bank Research podcast platform Podzept to discuss the key trends of digital currencies, which central banks are leading and lagging the race, the different sets of opportunities, or hurdles, faced by different countries, and what to expect in terms of regulatory frameworks looking ahead.

As Laboure, Templeman, and Paust-Bokrezion discuss during the episode entitled, “When Digital Currencies Become Mainstream,” central banks have only started to have a positive view on digital currencies since the beginning of 2020, due to multiple factors. And some central banks in emerging economies are beginning processes to create their own national digital currencies, which will have separate regulatory implications than other cryptocurrencies already in circulation.

Templeman stresses the importance of what central banks ultimately decide to do in terms of digital currency regulation and circulation as he states, “It’s the central bank-backed digital currencies that will have the most impact on all of our lives.”

Listen to the full episode below.

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