Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment Trends – January 2016

by Eliot Kalter

1. SWF Overview

  • Overall size, growth, funding sources and relevance
  • What factors have driven their growth?
  • Mandates for the funds and asset allocation

2. Drivers of SWF Growth

  • Global balance of payments imbalances
  • Central Bank decision to transfers resources

3. Drivers of SWF Asset Allocation Decisions

  • SWF investment mandate reflects contingent liabilities and liquidity premium
  • SWF size, age and capacity are also important factors affecting asset allocation
  • Inward vs. outward investment mandate

4. SWF Appetite for Real Estate Investments

  • Which SWFs have the biggest current holdings and future appetite?
  • Strategy and regional preferences

5. Impact of the Current Economic Conditions

  • Low oil prices; lower China growth, currency devaluation and stock market volatility

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