Branding in the UN System

I received my PhD from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, where I studied branding and brand management in the context of international organizations, focusing on the United Nations (UN) system. Many of the organizations in the UN system are poorly understood by the public and other stakeholders, and support for these important institutions is in decline. With my research, I explore how branding can contribute to a greater understanding of, and support for, international organizations.

I have been studying communication issues at the United Nations, from social media to branding, for more than eight years. My current thinking on branding in this context is based on more than one hundred in-depth conversations and interviews with communication and UN experts within and outside the UN system.

My research has contributed to the thinking about branding of leading UN communication experts. I am in regular dialogue with UN officials to ensure that my research, and the insight it generates, is relevant to the different organizations in the UN system.

Downloadable Research Outcomes

  • Presentation to UN communication experts at the UN panel “UN BRANDED: A Look at Branding & Visual Identity in the UN System” in Geneva, Dec 2017: “Five Theses.” Download
  • Presentation of an academic poster at the Austrian Research and Innovation Talk (ARIT), Austin, TX, Oct 2017:
    “Branding the United Nations.” Download
  • Master’s Thesis, May 2017:
    “Strategic Communication and Branding in International Organizations: The Case of the United Nations – UN-Internal Perspective on Branding at the UN-Secretariat and the UN-System-Wide Level.” Receive thesis by sending an email to

Find more information on my current and previous research here.


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