Branding in International Organizations (ongoing)

Case Study:
Branding in the United Nations System

My research aims to contribute to the effectiveness of global institutions such as the UN system or the EU. These organizations, which have contributed to global peace and social and economic advancement for more than 70 years, are under siege. Countries quit their membership, politicians withdraw funding, and in many parts of the world the public lacks interest in and support for these organizations.

One of the reasons for this dwindling support is poor understanding of the role, activities, and contribution of these organizations. To counter misperceptions and improve understanding, communication experts in these organizations increasingly employ marketing concepts that have their origin in the for-profit world: branding and brand management. While the practice is increasing, very little research and literature exists that could aid professionals in using branding concepts in the context of international organizations.

With my research, I aim to fill this gap in scholarship by developing a set of theories, models, and best practices for branding in international organizations (for example UNESCO or the World Food Program) and in a network of international organizations (for example the UN system). I have presented insights at a number of UN and academic fora, for example for UN communication experts (2016), on a panel on branding in the UN system at the UN in Geneva (2017), and two academic conferences (Austrian Research and Innovation Talk 2017, Academic Council of the UN System 2018).

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