Stefan Tschauko
PhD Candidate
The Fletcher School
Tufts University

My current research focuses on branding and brand management in international organizations, particularly within the United Nations system. I am especially interested in exploring how complex international organizations can best be presented to the public to create a better understanding of, and support for, their work. My research interests also include communication, process management, quality management, and knowledge management.

Previously, I worked for six years at a branding and graphic design company in Vienna (Brainds) and operated social media channels at the UN Alliance of Civilizations. I did my graduate studies in International Affairs at The Fletcher School (MALD) and in International Management at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna (MS, CEMS), and completed my undergraduate work in Information Management at FH JOANNEUM (Graz, Austria). I spent exchange semesters at the University of Portsmouth (UK), Koç University in Istanbul, and Sciences Po in Paris.

Current Commitments

  • The Fletcher School, Tufts University, Boston
    PhD Candidate in International Relations
  • Harvard Extension School, Boston
    Teaching Fellow for “International Conflict and Cooperation” (since 2021)

Past Professional Experience

  • Elliott School of International Affairs, the George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
    Teaching Fellow for “International Affairs Cornerstone” (2021)
  • Harvard Summer School, Boston
    Teaching Assistant for “Diplomacy and International Relations” (2020)
  • The Fletcher School / Tufts University, Boston
    Instructor for “Design for Non-Designers” (2020, 2021)
    Trainer for “Personal Knowledge Management” workshops (2020–2022)
    Teaching Assistant for:
    “Introduction to International Relations” (2019, 2022, 2021)
    “Global Marketing Management” Case: “The United Nations Brand Challenge” (2019)
    “The Practice of U.S. Public Diplomacy” (2019)
    “Adaptive Leadership and Managerial Communication” (2017)
    “Actors in Global Governance” (2017, 2021)
  • United Nations, Department of Global Communications, New York
    Voluntary Researcher on branding in the UN system (2016)
    Voluntary Researcher on a social media workflow (2013)
  • United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, New York (2013)
    Media and Information Literacy Intern
  • Brainds (Branding and Graphic Design), Vienna, Austria (2006–2013)
    Project and IT/Workflow Manager, Assistant to the CEO

Past Academic Experience

  • The Fletcher School, Tufts University, Boston, MA (since 2017)
    PhD Colloquium Coordinator
    Dean Search Committee Member
    Student Council Member
  • The Fletcher School, Tufts University, Boston, MA (2015–2017)
    International Relations, MALD (Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy)
  • Sciences Po, Paris School of International Affairs, France (2016)
    Exchange student
  • Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria (2012–2014)
    International Management, double-degree program MS and CEMS MIM (Master in International Management)
  • Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey (2013)
    Exchange student
  • FH JOANNEUM, Graz, Austria (2003–2007)
    Information Management, Master’s-equivalent degree DI (FH)
  • University of Portsmouth, UK (2006–2007)
    Exchange student

Academic Conferences and
Professional Presentations

See CV for a current list of presentations and talks.

Media Mentions

  • CEMS, “The Sustainable Development Issue” CEMS Magazine, 2019, Read here.
  • Jacquelyn Beals, “Should the United Nations Have a Brand-New Brand?” BRIDGES (blog) by the Office of Science and Technology Austria, Oct 17, 2018.
  • UN Designers and Visual Communicators Group, “UN Branded – First Impressions,” Visual Communicators Newsletter, January 2018, Read here.
  • Jonathan Fowler, “Digital Branding, And Sticking to It,” LinkedIn, Dec 15, 2017, Read here.
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