The recipients of these awards are agents for change across the Tufts community who were selected through a competitive process. The awards recognize leadership, incentivize exploration, and confer a special responsibility to uphold Tufts’ most cherished values.

The Anne E. Borghesani Memorial Prize is an annual incentive award named in honor and memory of Anne Borghesani. Anne was an International Relations major who graduated from Tufts University in 1989. Anne’s years at Tufts were a time of intellectual and personal challenge, adventure, and increasing commitment to her friends, the Tufts Community, and the larger world. The award will enable the recipient to undertake a project, activity, or plan of study in any field involving international issues.

  • Oliver M. Bentley
  • Amelia Miller
  • Sophia Beatriz Salomao Costa
  • Lauren E. Soherr
  • Simon P. Weiss

The Lily Glidden Award is given to undergraduate or graduate students who have a passion for the natural world and plans to explore it on their own.

Eleanor J. Matthews
  • Eleanor J. Matthews

The Marshall Hochhauser Prize was established in 1985 by his family. It is awarded to juniors or seniors who best exemplify Marshall Hochhauser’s altruistic spirit and who have worked to broaden and enrich the intellectual climate at Tufts.

Lauren E. Soherr
  • Jacob A. Shaw,
  • Lauren E. Soherr

The Nadia Medina Prize recognizes extraordinary contributions to collaborative learning at Tufts. The Prize is given to the peer tutor or Writing Fellow whose commitment to collaborative learning exceeds the requirements of the tutor’s role, as demonstrated by outreach to faculty, availability to students, and participation in developing peer-to-peer collaborative learning programs. The award honors the contributions of Nadia Medina to Tufts University as teacher, advisor, Director of the Academic Resource Center, and founder of the Writing Fellows Program.

  • William Mueller
  • Raksha R. Ramanan
  • Bangyao Sun
  • Patrick T. Wright

The Wendell Phillips Memorial Scholarship is given annually to a junior or senior, recommended by the Committee on Student Life, who has demonstrated a high sense of public responsibility on our campus. This is one of two prize scholarships (the other being assigned to Harvard College) established in 1896 by the Wendell Phillips Memorial Fund Association in honor of Boston’s great preacher, abolitionist, and orator.

Rene A. LaPointe Jameson
  • Rene A. LaPointe Jameson

The Theresa McDermott Carzo Award is given in honor of Theresa McDermott Carzo, a graduate of Tufts through the Program of Resumed Education for Adult Learners. It recognizes students with the determination necessary to return to college and overcome obstacles to complete the degree.

Sergio Sacramone-DeLeon
  • Sergio Sacramone-DeLeon