Recipients of these prizes have demonstrated exceptional growth and determination while thriving as intellectually curious students deeply engaged in the classroom and the wider Tufts community.

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The Class of 1911 Prize Scholarships are for seniors who have made the most progress in both academic record and in participation in extracurricular activities of enduring worth. 

Matias Aranguiz is an insightful student with a natural ability to relate to his peers. As a peer tutor, he is dedicated to helping other students at Tufts achieve academic understanding and success. In the classroom, Matias, demonstrates the rare ability to monitor his own participation based on the needs of his classmates. Matias is also an active member of the Society of Latinx Engineers and Scientists and the Robotics Club, demonstrating the ways in which his passion for engineering extends beyond the classroom. 

Qingzeng Gao has consistently demonstrated maturity and independence, both inside and participating in research during his very first year at the university, working alongside professors to develop chemical tools which operate at the cellular level. Since then, he has continued his dedication to research, helping to author manuscripts and identify breakthroughs in research all while demonstrating remarkable critical thought, productivity, and ownership. 

Sophia Girard is an outstanding, civically engaged, and multifaceted student who has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude, enthusiasm for her coursework, and passion for clean energy solutions. Despite a demanding course load for her Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Engineering double majors, Sophia has maintained involvement in numerous clubs at Tufts, acting as a member of the Tufts Quidditch Team, Stand-Up Comedy Collective, and a volunteer at the Somerville Food Pantry.

Over the course of her time at Tufts, Ye Lim Kim has blossomed into an independent and confident engineer who is eager to contribute to the world. While overcoming significant hardship, Ye Lim was admitted to the BioMedical Engineering program and was selected as a Summer Scholar. Her summer project to develop a device that could be incorporated into a 3D brain tissue model saw outstanding results that are a testament to Ye Lim’s work ethic.

An outstanding student, Daniel Meakem is quietly authoritative, with a keen intellect and a winning personality. Outside of his prowess as an International Relations and Environmental Studies student, Daniel is a dedicated and active member of Tufts extracurricular programs and organizations, participating in activities ranging from the Tufts Wind Ensemble and the Ballroom Dancing Team to acting as a trip leader for the Tufts Mountain Club. 

During their time at Tufts, Des Porte has established themselves as an independent scholar and community leader. Des approaches their coursework with a deep curiosity and critical awareness, examining topics ranging from criminology to Black and queer representation in children’s media. Outside of their scholastic endeavors, Des plays an important role on campus, especially with the Africana Center and Black Student Union. 

The Audrey L. Hale Prize recognizes academic excellence combined with a commitment to international understanding through acts of compassion. 

Hueyen Pham is an exceptional electrical engineering major and math minor who has shown remarkable resilience and dedication in her schoolwork. Both thoughtful and kind, Hueyen is described by professors as a top student with an enthusiasm for learning. Her research to develop a smart mattress to monitor sleep apnea and other sleep disorders was selected for support by the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Program.

The Ethel Munroe Hayes Scholarship recognizes students who have earned an academic record of high distinction while working to meet the cost of a Tufts education. 

An exceptional student, Joslin Regalado is a remarkable person who has made a positive impact on others. Her numerous work and volunteer experiences represent an impressive record of leadership in campus and community activities focused on civic engagement. Highly motivated, deeply thoughtful, and truly compassionate, Joslin has the intellectual aptitude, emotional capacity, and strength of character to become a leader in any field she chooses to pursue.

Ryan Hernandez is an exceptional student who has consistently shown a very high level of achievement and initiative, working hard and dedicating himself to everything he does with passion and conviction. Active at Tufts in TURBO and the Association for Latin American Students, Ryan is also a freelance graphic designer who recently launched his own design business. His advisor comments that “if anyone can use graphic design to make a difference in the world, it is Ryan!”

The Ellen C. Myers Memorial Prize is awarded to students who have achieved high scholarship in the face of adverse circumstances.  

Katelyn Malvese is dedicated to health equity, civic engagement, and social justice, bringing intention and lived experience to her work. In collaboration with the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development, she studies forgiveness as a civic virtue in post-genocide Rwanda. Despite having faced significant adversity during her time at Tufts, Katelyn is described by her professors as one of the brightest, most motivated, hardworking, inspiring and deeply authentic undergraduate students they have encountered.

Jun Seo is a top student in every area of study and consistently impresses professors with his seriousness about education and outstanding attitude toward learning. He has also served as a Residential Advisor, demonstrating leadership in that role with steadiness and compassion. He is now president of the Tufts Economics Society and is on the executive board of the Tufts Tae Kwon Do society.

Clara Smith exudes intellectual curiosity and energy. Majoring in Science, Technology, and Society, Clara is passionate about pursuing a career in Washington, D.C. in the policy sector. Drawing from her experiences growing up in Alabama, she hopes to apply her intelligence, knowledge, and work ethic to the alleviation of poverty. Her professors are continually in awe of her sense of spirit, optimism, and above all her hard work.

The Philip E.A. Sheridan M.D. Prize is awarded to the student who has shown the greatest academic growth.

An active researcher in both Biology and Anthropology, Madeline Wong has shown commitment and excellence across a wide range of academic disciplines. She led the development of the One Health Club, bridging all of the pre-health societies at the Tufts campus. Madeline is highly involved with the Asian American Center and the Tufts Asian Students Coalition, has worked with small businesses to provide COVID-19 relief, and as a costume technician for student-run drama clubs and university shows.