Recipients of these prizes have demonstrated exceptional leadership as active cadets and midshipmen in the Reserve Officer Training Corps. These students complete additional coursework and rigorous training in leadership, military science, and physical conditioning on top of their regular Tufts coursework.

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The Army ROTC Award goes to a student enrolled in an Army ROTC program who has demonstrated scholastic achievement, leadership, and significant contributions to the greater community.  

Connolly Ferraro is active as a leader in Army ROTC and on the Tufts campus, where he serves as Treasurer of the Middle East Research Group, a student think-tank within Tufts’ Institute for Global Leadership. Cadet Ferraro is pursuing a double major in International Relations and Economics and has written for the Tufts Observer.

Quinton Abrecht is a senior History major who has been selected for active duty. As an Army ROTC Cadet, he demonstrated outstanding leadership as Captain of the Ranger Challenge Team, which is an ROTC varsity sport in which teams compete in physical fitness challenges, navigation, weapons assembly, obstacle courses, grenade toss, and a 6-mile race carrying weighted backpacks.

The Gregory H. Arabian, A54 Airforce Prize recognizes scholastic achievement, demonstrated leadership, and significant contributions to the university and greater community. 

Odin Doolittle is a superstar in the Air Force ROTC, doing a wonderful job serving in a critical leadership position as Physical Fitness Officer. Cadet Doolittle excels in his Mechanical Engineering major and recently completed the ROTC version of a marathon, called the Tough Ruck, which involves walking 26.2 miles while carrying a weighted backpack.