IMMANA Fellowships

News: The 8th round of recruitment closed on February 1st 2023.  The full call for proposals and other information is on our ANH Academy page

The IMMANA Fellowships program aims to build careers at the frontier of agriculture, nutrition and health, through a year of applied research on measurement and analysis to guide policies and programs in Africa, Asia and worldwide.  The program is funded through Innovative Metrics and Methods for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA), a five-year project (2019-24) funded by UKAid and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, built on a previous project of the same name (2014-19) which helped to establish the Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Academy.  Profiles of past and current fellows are detailed on the IMMANA Fellowships website.

The founding Director of the IMMANA Fellowships program is William Masters, supported by Fellowships administrator Alex Knueppel.  Tufts University also leads development of the ANH Academy’s Synthesis Center for Agriculture-Nutrition Research (SCANR) with graduate researcher Elena Martinez, with results posted at the ANH Academy SCANR site.

All Fellowships have a 12 month duration, with selection based on plans to complete specific manuscripts using already-collected data, supplemented by additional data collection or new data analyses during the Fellowship year, to validate or demonstrate policy relevance of new methods and metrics such as scales, indicators, and index numbers relating to agriculture, nutrition, and health. Applications are welcome from candidates of any nationality who have earned their doctorate anywhere, but IMMANA strongly encourages applications from citizens of low- and middle-income countries who have research or faculty appointments in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. At least one of the fellowship project’s two mentors must be located in Africa or Asia.