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November 2023

Our paper  “Computational prediction of cyclic peptide structural ensembles and application to the design of Keap1 binders,” with the Kritzer Lab at Tufts is published in J. Chem. Inf. Model. 

June 2023

Francini Fonseca Lopez defends her PhD thesis. Congratulations, Francini!

May 2023

Marc Descoteaux completed his 4+1 program and graduated with a M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering. Congratulations, Marc!

May 2023

Our paper  “Training neural network models using molecular dynamics simulation results to efficiently predict cyclic hexapeptide structural ensembles,” is published in J. Chem. Theory Comput. 

May 2023

Jovan Damjanovic defends his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Jovan!

March 2023

The YSL lab presented at the Tufts Open House!

March 2023

YSL receives the Tufts University Rising Innovator Award.

March 2023

YSL receives the Annual Women Leadership Award from the Rotary Club of Cambridge. 

October 2022

Our paper “A backbone-dependent rotamer library with high (φ, ψ) coverage using metadynamics simulations,” is published in Protein Sci.

September 2022

Our paper “Binary combinatorial scanning reveals potent poly-alanine-substituted inhibitors of protein—protein interactions” with the Pentelute Lab in the Department of Chemistry at MIT is published in Comm. Chem.

June 2022

Marc Descoteaux wins the ACS undergraduate award in physical chemistry! Congratulations, Marc!

February 2022

Marc Descoteaux wins the Class of 1898 Prize! Congratulations, Marc!

February 2022

Our paper “The endoplasmic reticulum proteostasis network profoundly shapes the protein sequence space accessible to HIV envelope” with the Shoulders Lab in the Department of Chemistry at MIT is published in PLOS Biol.

January 2022

Dr. Arghya Ghosh joins the group. Welcome, Arghya!