Federal Reserve Bank of Boston: Foreclosure Rates in Massachusetts cities and Towns (1990-2007)

Has interactive map of foreclosure rates

Massachusetts Department of Transportation: Road Inventory Downloads

Contains large inventory of MA roads.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation: Traffic Volume Counts

Annual traffic data collection for Massachusetts.  This data is available online by autoroute and city/town list or as an interactive map. You can view data for a specific town, for numbered routes, or browse data by area. Spreadsheets are downloadable.

Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs: Smart Growth and Urban Environments

Contains urban growth data.


Has housing, economic and social data.

MassGIS – State GIS Office

MassGIS is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Office of Geographic Information, a great resource for geospatial technology and statewide data

USGS Woods Hole Science Center: Data Archives

USGS collected data for MASS.