Advanced GIS Consultations

Tufts students, faculty, staff, and researchers can schedule advanced consultations provided by specialists in TTS Research Technology and the Data Labs related to ongoing projects, publications, grants, dissertations, theses, capstones, and other research or class-related work.

Our team of specialists provides advanced consultations for the following:

  • Application Development
  • Bioinformatics Tools and Applications
  • Data Science Tools and Applications
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Conversion/Development
  • Database Design
  • Data Engineering/Cleaning
  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Humanities Consultations
  • ESRI Applications
  • Fieldwork and GPS Data Collection
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Geoprocessing and Spatial Analyses
  • Google Earth Development
  • High-Performance Computing Consultations
  • High-Throughput Computing Consultations
  • Lab Archives
  • Map and Digital Design
  • Machine Learning Consultations
  • Remote Sensing Consultations
  • Research Computing
  • Research Data Management
  • Statistical Analyses
  • Storage Solutions
  • Text Analysis & Natural Language Processing
  • Workflow Automation

Schedule an Advanced Consultation

To schedule an advanced geospatial consultation, please email to work with one of the following specialists:

Carolyn TalmadgeData Lab Services Manager (GIS Expertise)
Kyle MonahanManager of Data Science Services
Uku-Kaspar UustaluSenior Data Science Specialist
Yi ZhaoData Science Specialist
Chris BarnettPrincipal Software Engineer
Peter NadelDigital Humanities NLP Specialist