Lab Assistant Help Desk

The Data Lab is staffed with student Lab Assistants who provide immediate walk-in service and resources to the Tufts community for their GIS, statistical, and data visualization needs.

Lab Assistants are available to:

  • Answer questions pertaining to GIS or Stats
  • Provide resources for learning software and tools (tutorials, workbooks, etc)
  • Distribute student editions of ArcGIS Desktop
  • Trouble-shoot basic issues in ArcGIS and Statistical Software
  • Provide GIS assignment and final class project assistance
  • Assist with data searching and acquisition
  • Check out/in GPS units for field data collection
  • Assist with ESRI Virtual Class sign up
  • Provide Large Format Printing (final GIS project posters only)

Lab Assistant Schedule

Below is the Lab Assistant Schedule. We will have limited hours during the summer months and winter break, but will resume our full coverage during the academic school year. Please check back for updated availability. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email us at

To learn more about advanced consultations and specialty services, please see Advanced Consultations & Specialty Services.
For solutions to common problems in the Data Lab, please see Problems in the Data Lab.

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