Visualization & Design Online Tips and Tutorials

Catalogs These are websites that have cataloged many useful data visualization resources or design resources

  • Visualizing Data: An outstanding collection of resources for data visualization, color schemes, design, mapping and more.
Tufts Tutorials Resources created by Tufts University for learning Data Visualization or Design Principals:

  • Introduction to Data Visualization using Excel:
    • This is an excellent overview of various data visualization techniques using Excel 2013 & Web-based tools.
    • Topics covered include summary tables, bar charts, pie charts, histograms, line graphs, scatter plots and word clouds
Data Visualization Resources Resources for understanding various principals related to data visualization or design principals.

Graphic Design Resources
  • Design School: Fast-track your ability to create amazing designs – learn about the importance of color, fonts, images, backgrounds, layouts and much more through these tutorials at
  • Photoshop Graphic Design Tutorials: Learn proven techniques with detailed Photoshop graphic design tutorials and training
  • CreativeBlog: A list of 83 tutorials for learning photoshop. The cover it all.
Programming/Coding Resources Learn how to code:

  • Code Academy: Learn at your own pace and network with peers as you learn to code.
  • Hour of Code: This is an hour-long introduction to computer science and coding.
  • Free Code Camp: This site lets you work through Full Stack JavaScript coding projects, with the support of the Free Code Camp community via chat rooms. This site also has users actually build apps for nonprofits after putting in about 800 hours of work.
  • Code School: Free and paid options to learn coding. The free account gives access to 10 introductory courses on topics like SQL, Objective-C, and jQuery, which could be a good means of getting started.
  • W3Schools: This site offers free tutorials on HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, and lots more. They also have ton of references.
  • EdX and Coursera: These Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) sites have numerous courses. Check out classes such as Introduction into Computer Science and Programming Using Python from MIT.
  • Khan Academy: If you learn well from short videos, check out what this site has to offer in computer science.
  • Bento: This site offers a grid arranged by subject matter, and each box lists their picks for the best free tutorials out there, as well as what order to complete them. It starts with web fundamentals and moves through other areas like front end development, back end development, databases, etc. There are also some paid options for supplemental content.

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