R R Tutorials and Guides
Resources for learning how to use R.
SAS SAS Tutorials and Guides
Resources for learning how to use SAS.
STATA STATA Tutorials and Guides
Resources for learning how to use STATA.
SPSS SPSS Tutorials and Guides
Resources for learning how to use SPSS.
Excel Excel Tutorials and Guides
Resources for learning how to use Excel.
Mathematica The Access Tufts page has information on downloading Mathematica software.

  • Wolfram Mathematica Resources. Wolfram Alpha, the company that produces the software Mathematica, offers a number of useful tutorial videos.
MATLAB The Access Tufts page has information on creating a MathWorks account to download MATLAB software. Once you have a MathWorks account, you can access online training materials.

  • MATLAB Online Training. MATLAB offers a number of informative online training courses on topics such as machine learning, linear algebra, differential equations, and more.
  • MATLAB Lynda Training: There are various courses on Tufts Lynda for learning MATLAB.
NVivo The Access Tufts page has information on downloading NVivo software.

  • Introduction to NVivoThis workshop provides an introduction to using NVivo at Tufts. It was developed for a course in Community Health.
  • NVivo Resources. NVivo has a number of useful learning resources.
  • Programming in PythonThis workshop is designed to get you started with Python. We provide an overview of the Python language using the Jupyter notebook web application. We go through loading data, importing other functionality through packages, and visualizing data in Python. This workshop is suitable for those who have not worked with Python before. You can listen to a recording of this workshop here: Intro to Python 10-23-2017.
  • GREAT Program. The Python workshop for the Tufts GREAT Program in Summer 2018 provides an introduction to Python for graduate students, focusing on learning how to write scripts and work with their own datasets.
  • Tufts Lynda: On Tufts Lynda, there are introductory and advanced courses in Python available:
    • Learning Python: An introduction to Python including installing Python, writing loops, using classes, and reading and writing files.
    • Data Science Foundations: This course provides a great approach to using Python to process and mine data for insights, using libraries including pandas, conda, and Folium for data management and storage, machine learning with scikit-learn, and visualization with matplotlib and bokeh.
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP): This course is an intermediate Python course, taking you through using regular expressions, stemming and lemmatizing, vectorizing raw data into word clouds, and building machine learning classifiers.
Tableau The Access Tufts page has information on downloading Tableau software.

  • Intro to DataViz and Tableau. In this workshop we talk about the ways that you can create truthful and effective visualizations and look at a series of examples to see how visualizations can go terribly wrong. We will also start to work with Tableau to make attractive visualizations.
High-Performance Computing Resources In addition to the High-Performance computer available in the Data Lab, we also have a High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster at Tufts. For more information on using the HPC at Tufts, please see here. To learn more about high-performance computing, see the resources below.

  • Introduction to High-Performance Computing. This workshop, developed by the Software Carpentry Foundation, provides a great overview of connecting to a HPC cluster and performing common tasks, including writing scripts, loading packages (modules), transferring files, and more. For more information on HPC Carpentry at Tufts, contact Kyle Monahan.
  • Supercomputing in Plain English. This workshop series from the University of Oklahoma provides an introduction to HPC resources.