The Data Labs offer advanced consultations and specialty services by appointment with senior staff throughout TTS Research Technology, Tisch Library and Hirsh Health Sciences Library.

Specialty Services Include:

Advanced Data Science Consultations
Bioinformatics Consultations
Advanced GIS Consultations
Advanced Statistical Consultations
Application Development
ArcGIS Software Licensing
Data Acquisition
Data Conversion/Development
Database Design
Data Engineering/Cleaning
Data Visualization
Digital Humanities Consultations
Google Earth Development
Grant Writing
Guest Lecturers
High-Performance Computing Consultations
High-Throughput Computing Consultations
Instruction & Training
Lab Archives
Machine Learning Consultations
Map and Digital Design
Remote Sensing Consultations
Research Computing
Research Data Management services
Research & Project Assistance
Spatial Analysis & Geoprocessing
Specialty Workshops
Storage Solutions
Text Analysis & Natural Language Processing
Workflow Automation

Please contact¬† to schedule an appointment with: Please contact to schedule an appointment with:
Patrick Florance, Director of Research Technology
Carolyn Talmadge, Data Lab Services Manager
Kyle Monahan, Manager of Data Science Services
Uku-Kaspar Uustalu, Data Science Specialist
Yi Zhao, Data Science Specialist
Chris Barnett, Principal Software Engineer
Marcia Moreno-Baez, GIS Specialist and GIS Lecturer
Peter Nadel, Digital Humanities NLP Specialist
Shawn Doughty, Assoc Director, Research Computing
Delilah Maloney, Senior HPC Specialist
Tom Phimmasen, Sr Research Technology Consultant
Adelaide Rhodes, Senior Bioinformatics Scientist
Jason Laird, Bioinformatics Scientist
Christina Divoll, RC Instrumentation HPC Specialist
12/06/2018 – Medford/Somerville, Mass. – Kyle Monahan, Senior Data Science Specialist, works with Whit Lower, A19, at the Environmental Data Analysis and Visualization Lab on December 7, 2018. (Alonso Nichols/Tufts University)