The Boston Data Lab is a teaching and research computing space located within the Hirsh Health Sciences Library (HHSL) in the Tufts Center for Medical Education Building (MEB) on the Health Sciences Campus. A partnership between HHSL and Tufts Technology Services (TTS), the Boston Data Lab is designed to foster collaboration and innovation among students, faculty and staff across all Tufts’ schools and departments. The Boston Data Lab provides methodological and technological support for a ride range of data intensive services and support, including but not limited to statistics, data analysis and visualization, geospatial technologies and data management. Additionally, the Boston Data Lab has a walk-up IT support desk to help with various software and hardware requests.

To learn more, please see our full suite data-intensive services and support.

Panoramic view of the new Boston Data Lab

The Space Overview

Boston Data Lab computing area

Boston Data Labs Big Lab Computer Classroom

The Boston Data Lab is located on the 5th floor of the Hirsh Health Sciences Library and contains a few spaces, including a public computing lab, two computing classrooms, and a number of group study rooms.

Public Computing Data Lab
The public computing lab is dedicated to individual and collaborative work and is staffed by student Lab Assistants who are available for methodological and technical walk in support, in addition to a walk-up IT support desk. To learn more about the Walk-Up IT Support Services (TTS), please see the Public Computing Space page. The space has a number of computer tables, standing desks, soft seating options, individual study pods and collaborate group study rooms. The public computing space is open for use during the same hours as HHSL. Space and computers are available on a first come, first serve basis but students must reserve the collaborate group study rooms.

Instructional Computing Classrooms
The Boston Data Lab also has two Instructional Computing Classrooms (room 514- The Big Lab & room 510 – The Little Lab), located near the Public Computing space. The classrooms may be reserved by faculty, staff or Tufts Medical Center affiliates for semester classes, one-time classroom use, and workshops. To reserve one of the instructional classrooms, follow the reservation process by visiting the Tufts Space and Resource Reservation System.

The TTS walk-up desk also provides a mobile computer lab available for use in non-computer classrooms. View our Computing Classrooms page to learn more about the mobile laptop cart.

Location and Hours

Hirsh Health Sciences Library (HHSL), 5th Floor
Tufts Center for Medical Education, 145 Harrison Ave. | Boston, MA, 02111
Boston Data Lab Support Phone: (617) 636-0452
Support Email:

The Boston Data Lab holds the same hours as the Hirsh Health Sciences Library.
The public computing lab is open at all times the library is open. The student Lab Assistant calendar is below.