Primary Support Email for the Data
Support Email for Research Computing and HPC:

University IT Support:
Classroom AV Support: (617) 627-3376

Patrick Florance
Director of Research Technology
(617) 627-4235

Kyle Monahan
Manager of Data Science Services
(617) 627-1861

Chris Barnett
Principal Software Engineer

Marcia Moreno-Baez
GIS Specialist and Lecturer

Peter Nadel
Digital Humanities NLP Specialist

Tom Phimmasen
Senior Research Technology Consultant

Shawn Doughty
Associate Director of Research Computing
(617) 627-5462

Carolyn Talmadge
Data Lab Services Manager
(617) 627-0640

Uku-Kaspar Uustalu
Data Science Specialist
(617) 627-4219

Yi Zhao
Data Science Specialist

Jason Laird
Bioinformatics Scientist

Delilah Maloney
Senior High-Performance Computing Specialist

Christina Divoll
Research Computing Instrumentation HPC Specialist
(617) 627-2113

Andrew Evans
High Performance Computing (HPC) Engineer