Learning GPS

The Data Lab and Geospatial Technology Services provides many resources for Tufts students, faculty, and staff to learn Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Here are a number of resources that we provide:

    • GPS Workshops – The Data Lab regularly provides workshops on GPS field data collection. These include workshops on using the Garmin hand held units, and using your smart phone for GPS data collection. To see when our workshops are available, please see the workshops page.
    • GPS Online Tips & Tutorials – The Data Lab maintains a large number of online tutorials for learning GPS. Many of these tutorials are written by Tufts faculty and staff. Additionally, we have a number of links to other useful tutorials hosted outside our university.
    • Reference Materials & Books – The Data Lab owns a number of printed textbooks, manuals and books on learning GPS. For a full list of printed materials, please see this page.
    • Borrowing GPS Units – The Data Lab allows students, faculty, and staff to borrow handheld GPS units for field data collection and for learning purposes. Please see the page on renting units for more details.

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