Reference Materials & Books

The Data Lab maintains several GIS, Statistical, and Data Visualization related reference books and tutorials for student and faculty use. The materials are for lab use only and do not circulate. Tisch Library holds numerous books and periodicals on related subjects. Please see the Tufts University Library Catalog for holdings.

Recommended Reference Materials:

  • Mastering ArcGIS with CD – Meredith Price
  • GIS Tutorial for Health – Kurland and Gorr
  • GIS for the Urban Environment – Maantay and Zeigler

Data Lab Reference Books by Application for GIS

Fundamentals of GIS & Cartography

Book Title                  Author 
ArcGIS Model BuilderDavid AllenTutorial CD
GIS Tutorial 1 Basic WorkbookGorr and KurlandTutorial CD
GIS Tutorial 2 Spatial Analysis Workbook
(2 Copies)
AllenTutorial CD
GIS Tutorial 3 Advanced WorkbookAllen and CoffeyTutorial CD
Mastering ArcGIS 4th EditionMaribeth PriceTutorial CD
Understanding GIS: An ArcGIS Project WorkbookHarder, Ormsby, BalstromTutorial CD
Data in 3D: Guide to 3D AnalystHeather KennedyTutorial CD
ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis Volume 1: Geographic Patterns and RelationshipsAndy Mitchell 
ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis Volume 2: Spatial Measurements and StatisticsAndy Mitchell 
Fundamentals of GIS 2nd EditionMichael DeMers 
Geographic Information SystemsDavid Maguire, Michael Goodchild, David Rhind 
Getting to Know ArcGISOrmsby, Napoleon, Burke, Groessl, Feaster 
GIS Essential SkillsGina Clemmer 
GIS Research Methods: Incorporating Spatial PerspectivesSheila and Steven Steinberg 
GIS, Spatial Analysis, and ModelingMaguire, Batty, Goodchild 
Introduction to Geospatial TechnologiesBradley Shellito 
Introduction to Geospatial Technologies 2nd EditionBradley Shellito 
Lining Up Data in ArcGIS: A Guide to Map Projects 2nd EditionMargaret Maher 
Map Use Reading and Analysis 6th EditionJon Kimerling, Aileen Buckley, Phillip and Juliana Muehrcke 
Modeling Electric Distribution With GISBill Meehan 
Modeling Our World: The ESRI Guide to GeoDatabase DesignMichael Zeiler 
Thinking About GIS 5TH EditionRoger Tomlinson 
Map ProjectionsESRI 
Understanding Map Projections (2 Copies)Kennedy and Kupp 
Designed MapsCynthia Breuer 
Designing Better MapsCynthia Breuer 
Thematic Cartography and GeovisualizationSlocum, McMaster, Kessler, Howard 
Digital Humanitarians: How Big Data Is Changing the Face of Humanitarian ResponsePatrick Meier 
GIS Guide to Public Domain DataJoseph Kerski and Jill Clark 

Urban Planning

Book Title                  Author 
Mapping Global Cities: GIS Methods for Urban AnalysisPamukTutorial CD
Transportation GISLaura LangTutorial CD
GIS for Landscape ArchitectsKaren Hanna 
GIS for Urban Environment (2 Copies)Maantay and Zeigler 
Introduction to Urban GISHuxhold 
Planning Support SystemsBrail and Klosterman 
Zeroing In: Geographic Information Systems at Work in the CommunityAndy Mitchell 
Analyzing Urban Poverty: GIS for Developing WorldRosario Giusti de Perez & Ramon Perez 
Mapping Census 2010: Geography of American ChangeRiley Peake 
Urban Policy and CensusMacDonald and Peters 

Health Applications

Book Title                  Author 
GIS Tutorial for Health 4th Edition (2 Copies)Kurland and GorrTutorial CD
GIS Tutorial for Health 9.3Kurland and GorrTutorial CD
Cartographies of DiseaseTom Koch 
GIS for Health OrganizationsLaura Lang 
GIS Tutorial for Health 5th EditionKurland and Gorr Tutorial CD

Natural & Water Resources

Book Title                  Author 
Arc Hydro GIS Water ResourcesDavid MaidmentTutorial CD
African Water Resource Database 1 and 2N/A 
Foundations of Geomatics: Introduction to Geometrical and Physical GeodesyThomas Meyer 
GIS Applications in Natural ResourcesHeit and Shortreid 
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling SupportMaidment and Djokic 
Managing Natural Resources with GISLaura Lang 
Mapping and Modeling Weather and ClimateArmstrong, Butler, Settelmaier, Vance, Wilhelmi 
Marine Geography: GIS for the Oceans and SeasOcean Solutions, Earth SolutionsJoe Breman 

Humanitarian Assistance & Emergency Management

Book Title                  Author 
GIS Tutorial for Humanitarian Assistance
(2 copies)
Firoz Verjee Tutorial CD
Enabling Comprehensive Situational Awareness: Emergency ManagementRadke, Johnson, Baranyi 

Policy & Government

Book Title    Author 
GIS Tutorial for Homeland SecurityRadke and Hanebuth Tutorial CD
Beyond Maps: GIS and Decision Making in Local GovernmentO’Looney 
GIS for Decision Support and Public Policy MakingThomas and Humenik-Sappington 
GIS Guide for Elected OfficialsCory Fleming 

Business & Marketing

Book Title                  Author 
GIS Means Business Volume 2David Boyles 
GIS Tutorial for MarketingFred Miller 

Python & Web GIS

Book Title                  Author 
Python Scripting for ArcGISPaul ZandbergenTutorial CD
GIS Tutorial for Python ScriptingDavid Allen 

Other Applications

Book Title                  Author 
Teaching GIS and Technology in Higher EducationUnwin, Foote, Tate, DiBiase 
Placing History: How Maps, Spatial Data, and GIS Are Changing Historical ScholarshipKnowles and Hillier Tutorial CD

Remote Sensing

Book Title                  Author 
Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE ILeica GeosystemsTutorial CD
Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE IILeica GeosystemsTutorial CD
Making Spatial Decisions Using GIS and Remote SensingKeranen, KolvoordTutorial CD
Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images 4th EditionMather and Koch 
Introductory Digital Image Processing: A Remote Sensing PerspectiveJohn Jensen 
Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation 6th EditionMaking Spatial Decisions Using GIS and LidarLilliesand, Kiefer, ChipmanKathryn Keranen 

GPS, Google Earth & Microsoft Access

Book Title                  Author 
Google Earth for DummiesDavid Crowder 
Hacking Google Maps and Google EarthMartin Brown 
GPS Made Easy 5th EditionLawrence Letham, Alex Letham 
Integrating GIS and GPSKaren Steede-Terry 
Microsoft Access 2007 GuideN/A 


Book Title                  Author 
Digital Chart of WorldESRI 
Oxford Atlas of the WorldN/A 
Road AtlasRand McNally 

Accompanying tutorial CDs can accessed by a Lab Assistant in the Data Lab or can be found on S:\Tutorials\Books