SPSS Tutorials and Guides

Tufts Resources The Access Tufts page has information on downloading SPSS software.
External Resources
  • Learn More. The SPSS website provides resources for leaning the software, including product tutorials, case studies, and a Stats 101 course.
  • UCLA’s SPSS Website. A comprehensive site to help you learn and use SPSS by the Institute for Digital Research and Education at UCLA. This site has tutorials, examples, web books, annotated outputs, and best practices.
  • SPSS On-Line Training Workshop is supported by the Information Technology Group at Central Michigan University. This website covers 40+ topics with training videos.
  • SPSS-Tutorials.Com. This SPSS Tutorials project has wide coverage of topics on working in SPSS Statistics, from basics to advanced tips, including syntax and modeling. Tutorials are written in step-by-step style and fully illustrated. FAQ page and reference materials (best practices, glossaries, etc.) are available. This website was written and built by Ruben Geert van den Berg from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Raynalds SPSS Tools. This is a useful catalog of SPSS resources intended to share code and techniques to increase productivity of all level of SPSS users.
  • SPSS Essential Training Course. Learn the basics of SPSS from Lynda.com