Careers in GIS

GIS Job Postings @ Tufts:

To advertise your organization’s GIS/Geospatial Job posting to our Tufts GIS elist, please email with the relevant job posting information.

GIS Job Sites:

  • GIS Jobs Map: This interactive web mapping application let’s you search and discover geospatial opportunities around the globe. Free to use and updated daily!
  • American Association of Geographers: AAG recently revamped their site to offer GIS job postings along with GIS Career advice and tips.
  •  This guide provides a broad overview of the GIS field, what to look for in a GIS educational program, and information on potential GIS careers and relevant skills.
  • GIS GigGeospatial job listings that are free to browse and free to post.  GIS GIG is a companion site to
  • GeographyJobs.comThis site contains a growing list of countries that link to an employment gateway specific to the selected country.
  • EarthworksRemote Sensing and GIS job listings from Europe and North America. Mix of mostly academic and research oriented positions.
  • GeoSearchRecruiters in GIS, GPS, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Computer Science and Related Technologies and Sciences
  • GetGISJobsJob listings for the United States with occasional listings for other countries.
  • GIS Jobs Clearinghouse – Most well known national and international GIS job site. GIS only jobs worldwide (most from USA) are posted daily to this site.
  • GoGeomaticsGoGeomatics is a job site for jobs in GIS. There are separate portals for U.S., Canadian and European based positions. Posting and searching for positions are free but you will need to register to view the actual job listings.
  • My GIS JobsA geospatial career website that aggregates hundreds of GIS, remote sensing, and related geospatial fields job listings from across the web into a single place. In addition, GIS employers can post their positions directly to the site.
  • GIS Jobs: Post your GIS resume or search for GIS Jobs.
  • Jobs in Geospatial AnalysisFor more than 15 years, this web server has been promoting communication about geostatistics and spatial statistics (GIS, geostatistics, point statistics, lattice statistics, geoinformatics, sampling strategies,…) between people working in many different fields.
  • Zip Recruiter: Targeted GIS search for Tufts Students from
  • GIS Geography: A site for GIS jobs and career resources

Resources for a Career in GIS:

ESRI’s GIS Career Resources Story Map
Check out this quick overview of resources for new and aspiring GIS professionals in Story Map form!

Building a Career in GIS
From classes to employment, a “how-to” guide to getting a job in GIS. Find out what steps you need to take to enjoy a career in GIS. Brought to us by GIS

GIS Job Descriptions
Descriptions of jobs in the GIS field organized by industry, job type and location.

GIS Salary Data & Trends
Browse information about salaries, projected growth, demand for key skills, and job titles for more than 90 geography-related occupations. Each year, updated data are collected from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and analyzed to provide up-to-date snapshots of career prospects for geographers. Brought to us by AAG.

AAG’s Career Preparation Tips
Tip sheets prepared by AAG staff and links to high-quality external resources that provide advice on key topics related to career readiness. These succinct and accessibly written overviews are ideal for use as assigned readings or handouts for geography courses, workshops, and seminars.

How to Survive a GIS Job Interview
Nervous and unsure of what employers are looking for in a candidate? GIS lounge provides tips and tricks to being a good interviewee.

Ten Tips to Prepare for a GIS Job Interview
Kristina Jacob, a GIS professional with a California city, lists her top ten tips for preparing for a GIS job interview. Brought to us by GIS Lounge.

Additional Job Sites:

USAJobs – The federal government’s official job site.