Tufts Haiti Geospatial Data Repository

Through Tufts UIT Research Technology, Tufts has established a centralized Haiti geospatial data repository available to Tufts researchers. Most of this data was collated after the 2010 earthquake. The repository contains:

  • Satellite imagery at a various resolutions, spectral bands, and time periods
  • High resolution aerial photography before and after the earthquake
  • Digital elevation models at various resolutions
  • Infrastructure data in vector formats
  • Socio-economic data in tabular and vector formats


The pathway of the data portal is: \\rstore1\oth-rsch-haitigis$

Please follow the instructions here to map a pc network drive to the repository. You must be on the Tufts Local Area Network.

The \Documentation\ Haiti_DataDictionary.xlsx contains the description and location of all geospatial data. We are continually adding to the repository.

Online Geospatial Data Portals and Guides

Serves as a resource guide to Haiti geospatial data repositories. Scroll down to Data—Repositories & Maps