Installing ArcGIS Desktop 10.3x Digital Distribution Student Edition
You will need to have received you student software key code. If you are in a GIS class, you should have received this from your instructor. If you are not in a class, you can contact for your code.
Support for the ArcGIS Desktop Education Edition is available at

Before you install ArcGIS for Desktop:

Check our system requirements to make sure your computer has the hardware and software required for the trial.

  • If necessary, install the Microsoft .NET Framework (version 3.5 Service Pack 1 or higher).
  • If you have ArcGIS version 10.1 or later installed, you do not need to uninstall it before installing version 10.2x or 10.3x; the ArcGIS setup package will detect and upgrade your ArcGIS for Desktop software.
  • If you have ArcGIS version 10.0 or earlier installed, please uninstall it using the Uninstall Utility (download below) before installing ArcGIS 10.2x or 10.3x.

Activate you authorization code:

Download installation media:

  • Click “Download”  button for ArcGIS Desktop
  • Run the downloaded ArcGIS_Desktop_10.3exe to extract installation files to your directory
  • When prompted, allow ArcGIS to make changes on your computer.
  • Follow the instructions in the wizard.  Select “Complete” for Select Installation Type.
  • When prompted, choose ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced Single Use.
  • When prompted, accept the default, I do not wish to authorize any extensions at this time. The extensions will be authorized automatically.

Support for the ArcGIS Desktop Education Edition is available at