Mariam Aghayan

By Nicolas Livon-Navarro As a kid, I never took much pleasure in reading. I would do it when I had to, but it was never something I did voluntarily. Dyslexia made it hard for me to read without giving me headaches, especially in English since it was my second language. […]

My Odyssey

By Audrey Carver Like an idiot, I came to Ecuador carrying expectations. In August I looked ahead and saw “cool traveler adventurer Audrey,” the girl that could solve any problem. The girl that could speak fluent Spanish, change the world with her art, and maybe has a cool haircut. Independent, […]

Just Audrey

by Katherine Wang Last Friday, my team and I watched Ava DuVernay’s 2016 documentary, 13th, during our monthly social justice talk. As someone who usually only has the attention span for animated movies and sitcom television, I want to highly recommend this documentary. I’d consider 13th to be “required viewing” […]

Thoughts on 13th, School, and Prison

by Brenna Trollinger During my time as a Tufts 1+4 Nicaragua Fellow, my worldview has significantly expanded through this rich cultural experience. I appreciate the chance to encounter people and places in different walks of life from rural mountain areas, to coastal towns to vibrant city life in Leon. Through […]

Nicaragua – A Gap Year in Photos

by Trevor Hall Sometimes, I feel as if I have an extra subconscious in Brazil. Tchau Tchau Besides abacaxi, muito, and beleza, these words are the most common I speak in Portuguese. I like the feeling the farewell has as it rolls around in a rhythmic circle in my mouth. […]

Too Good at Goodbyes

by Audrey Carver Dear Ecuador fellows, During last week’s trip to Manta, in the 15 hours crammed into a busetta, I had lots of time to think about you all. We slept, sang, and ate ridiculous amounts of animal crackers. We talked about the moral obligations of warfare and social […]

Dear Ecuador Fellows