By Finnegan Hall With October drawing to a close and my third month in Cuenca, Ecuador rapidly approaching I recently took sometime to reflect on how my time in the High Sierras has impacted me as an individual and young adult. I could go into the various little changes that […]

The Value of Home

By Kamil Krukowski I sit in a rocking chair on the second floor balcony, gazing out across my neighborhood and the eucalyptus trees lining the river. The horizon roars with a majestic pink, slowly fading into a deep orange as the sun kisses goodbye. I strum away to the tune […]

A Sea of Nevers

By Cecilia Kennedy At the age of four, my worst fear was arriving late to preschool. Being late meant attention, and at that time in my life, there was nothing more unbearably mortifying than having all eyes on me. I vividly remember standing outside the doorway to my classroom, butterflies […]

Learning to Laugh at Myself

By Christine Kelly On the first day of my internship, I allotted myself an hour time slot for a trip that would take 30 minutes. I was not trying to make a good first impression by being obnoxiously early, but rather account for the inevitable loss of direction that I […]

The Perks of Always Getting Lost

by Samuel Markowitz I stood nervously before 40 sweat-suit clad middle schoolers. All my attempts to get through to them had failed, and their faces were all colored with looks of confusion mixed with mild disinterest. Panic began to creep over my face as I thought to myself, “Oh no! What […]

Learning My Role