By Samuel Markowitz For the first time in my life, I truly feel like an outsider. As a straight white man in suburban America, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of almost never having to truly feel out of place. And although I’ve done my best to both acknowledge and use my […]

Everyone Has to Walk

By Christine Kelly Every pore in my body was sweating profusely as I nervously attempted to communicate with my host family for the first time. Our supervisors organized a fiesta at the hostel for all of the participants to meet their new families. My eardrums rang from the sound of […]

The Language of Laughter

By Kamil Krukowski Journey. What does that word mean anyway? A voyage thousands of miles away from home? Hundreds of hard won steps towards an ultimate goal? A dozen chance encounters or a handful of impactful relationships? Maybe it’s a combination of all the above, or something else entirely. One […]


By Zach Everett I found a fountain last week. No special fountain or anything like that. I was just a fountain. Three tiers, stone color, nothing new. But for whatever reason, the fountain became the immediate center of my attention. It was surrounded by a perfectly landscaped garden. The red […]

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