by Audrey Carver   Geovanny: (project supervisor, co-founder of Catega Kocinare) Tall, kind, and fatherly. 6’1”, balding, green eyes. 48 years old. Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Geovany spent his youth traveling, eating, and finding whatever odd jobs came his way. Never one for planning, he floated through South […]

Cast of Characters: Cuenca

by Max Whaley This weekend, a couple 1+4 participants, my host brother, his friend and I traveled to San Fernando (a small town 2 hours outside of Cuenca) to stay in an empty house his friends own. It was super fun, and also a little terrifying. The house was straight […]

Cabin in the Campo

by Kelsey Trollinger Sandra, thank you for taking me into your home with open arms.  Thank you for being patient with my Spanish and letting me take forever to say one sentence because I’m conjugating in my head. You encourage my to keep trying even when I make mistakes. Thank […]

A Thank You Letter To My Host Mom

by Henry Baer-Benson   Yesterday evening, Max and I were running along rio Tomebamba when we reached the El Vergel bridge and decided to rest a moment before heading back. As our heads cleared and our breathing returned to normal we began to talk about life after this year, something […]

Tree of Life

by Stephanie Waugh This was the first January that I had free time in several years. From 7th to 12th grade I was a part of a Girl Scout robotics team in Austin and the first three months of each year were completely monopolized by my commitments to the team. […]

The End of an Era

By Audrey Carver Like an idiot, I came to Ecuador carrying expectations. In August I looked ahead and saw “cool traveler adventurer Audrey,” the girl that could solve any problem. The girl that could speak fluent Spanish, change the world with her art, and maybe has a cool haircut. Independent, […]

Just Audrey