by Faizah Wulandana Dear Faizah, I remain connected to you through our memories. I re-envision the nights we spent lying in bed past 1 AM, thinking about those college applications that we really should get started on but can’t bring ourselves to do. I can still feel my stomach sinking […]

A Letter to My Past Self

By Arlyss Herzig Traveling to Ecuador where I don’t know anyone or the language? Bold. Sharing my feelings and experiences on the internet for anybody to read? Bolder. Basing the whole experience on one thing I learned at Tufts? Boldest. So what did I learn in my week at Tufts? […]

The Importance of Listening (and Telenovelas!)

By Zach Everett I found a fountain last week. No special fountain or anything like that. I was just a fountain. Three tiers, stone color, nothing new. But for whatever reason, the fountain became the immediate center of my attention. It was surrounded by a perfectly landscaped garden. The red […]

The Source

By Michael Perik I was surrounded by a crowd of six-year-olds, shouting, whining, throwing everything in sight, and generally not paying attention. It was nearing the end of the day and at this moment, none of them seemed to be thinking about anything that even resembled math. My head spun […]

An Average Day at Turner Elementary

By David Jiang “David, let’s go to the zoo.” These were six words that once foreshadowed afternoons of pure joy during my childhood: a time when I excitedly zipped around from cage to cage, an adventurer in search of exotic beasts. Animals were my childhood passion, my first love. National […]

Inside the Enclosure

By Cecilia Kennedy The majority of the energy I’ve acquired from the copious amount of rice and beans I’ve consumed this past month has been channeled towards my effort to adjust to my new surroundings in Cuenca, Ecuador. The experiences that have accompanied this cultural shift remind me of one […]

My Journey to a New Shell