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Geology Assistant, Denali National Park & Preserve (Denali Park, AK)

Think you have what it takes to conduct cutting-edge research, then turn around and provide on-the-spot outreach when a kindergartner tugs on your pants and asks a hard question? Safely work in a highly dynamic and challenging natural landscape and also master hardware, software, and data in the office? You are a natural when it comes to logistical support? Feel comfortable coming face-to- face with bears, moose, and wolves? Prepared to walk long distances off trail, in thick brush, steep terrain, and blowing snow in July? If so, please apply for the Denali Park Geologist Apprentice position. The chosen candidate will be exposed to many mental and physical challenges and the reward that comes from mastering them.

The candidate will work closely with the Park Geologist on a wide range of emerging issues related to geoscience in parks. In particular the candidate will be immersed in geohazards inventory, mapping, and risk assessment and reduction. 

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GIS Assistant, Denali National Park & Preserve (Denali Park, AK)

Land use in and around Denali National Park and Preserve has changed since the inception of the park 100 years ago – from Gold Rush-era mining to proposed visitor services’ facilities, the ebb and flow of development and restoration is obvious at multiple temporal and spatial scales across the landscape of the park and surround areas. As the park moves into the next 100 years, many park management decisions will be related to land use. Documenting the historic, current, and proposed land uses from existing geospatial data, historic aerial and oblique photos, oral histories, satellite imagery, and proposed project documents into a concise geospatial dataset, along with producing map products and written reports, will allow managers both a visual and quantitative assessment of land use trends.

Participants will assist with documenting changes of land use in and around Denali National Park and Preserve.

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Natural Resource Management Assistant, Denali National Park & Preserve (Denali Park, AK)

Denali National Park and Preserve approved a Backcountry Management Plan (BMP) in 2006 which listed specific standards for resource and social conditions throughout the National Park and Preserve. The applicant will work closely with many NPS work groups and park partners to collect and compile data to determine if Denali is meeting standards set in the BMP and make suggestions for improvements in the future. 

This work could include mapping OHV trails that access the park boundaries, developing and testing the Arc Collector app for frontcountry and backcountry data collection, re-mapping informal trails, and compiling data for a baseline assessment following Denali’s Wilderness Character Monitoring Plan. 

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Conservation Cartographer, Wildlife Conservation Society (The Bronx, NYC)

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is looking for a full-time Conservation Cartographer in the Global Conservation Program to collaborate with our GIS staff who are based at our Bronx Zoo headquarters in NYC. The Conservation Cartographer will be responsible for creating geographically accurate, visually engaging maps for various purposes including donor presentations, grant proposals, grant reports, fundraising materials, and websites in support of advancing WCS’s mission to save wildlife and wild places. Responsibilities include designing maps in collaboration with colleagues, obtaining relevant geographic datasets, building maps, sharing those maps in the necessary format (image file, web map or app), data management and developing cartographic resources (style guide, map templates, custom basemaps).

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Vice President for Campus Operations, Goucher College (Towson, MD)

Do you have a desire to join a nationally respected non-profit college at a transformative point in its history? Do you have experience leveraging human capital to achieve organizational goals and strategies? Are you an organizational leader who wants to use your experiences to make decisions that will have lasting impact on an organization for years to come and that will help chart the institution’s future?

The Vice President for Campus Operations at Goucher College reports directly to the President and oversees facilities and plant operations; campus planning; sustainability initiatives; campus safety; events and conference services; and the campus post office. This position, in collaboration with the president’s leadership team, devises strategies and policies designed to ensure the College meets its operational goals and fulfills its institutional mission.

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