Graphs and Networks Conference

Friday May 1 – Sunday May 3 at Tufts University

A workshop with 12-16 speakers giving 30- and 60-minute talks, funded by the NSF through a Harnessing the Data Revolution grant (NSF OIA-1937095).

Motivation: across many fields of study, researchers are developing mathematical tools for graphs and networks. The goal of this workshop is to facilitate cross-disciplinary conversations.

Themes of conference:

  • graph algorithms, graph theory, complexity
  • randomization models for graphs (esp. with applications as network null models)
  • metric graphs and applications (AKA geometric graphs)
  • clustering and machine learning techniques leveraging graph/network methods
  • new applications (biology/genomics, geography, communications, etc) 

Policy Think Tank Workshop

Monday May 18 – Friday May 22 — dates and location pending finalization.

Many states are now rushing to design redistricting reform through voter referenda or state legislation. This workshop aims to bring professional, political, and academic participants together to discuss lessons learned and best practices for redistricting reform policy. We plan to host 20 professional and 20 student participants, with students selected by application. Look for the application link to go live Monday March 2.

Geodata Bootcamp

Monday June 8 – Friday June 19 at Tufts University

MGGG Redistricting Lab is hosting a two-week intensive training session for undergraduate and graduate students who want to develop their data wrangling skills for voting rights projects. Training will incorporate GIS (geographic information systems), Python, GeoPandas, and more while participants learn to work with shapefiles and tabular formats for election and demographic data. You will also build skills in Mapmaking, using a mix of public and commercial software. We will offer travel and stipend funding to accepted participants.

The second round of applications is due March 20. APPLY HERE, and please address any questions to